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Our goal at Alan Environmental Products, Inc. is to provide ecologically earth safe products that ensure effective results for our clients and their work environment. “Leading the way through green chemistry” with 15 years of specialized water treatment, waste water treatment and extensive knowledge. We commit ourselves to providing our customers with the highest performing products as well as outstanding individual customer service.

Our primary focus is water and waste water collection system, with supplementary products for odor elimination as well as weed and insect control. Our waste water line feature “specialty engineered bacteria” which effectively eat fats, organics and grease and can be added to grease traps, lift stations, drains and sewer collection systems. This line also consists of specialty corrosion and scale inhibitors which are used to maintain and clean heat transfer surfaces. By using these products you will prolong the life of your equipment while reducing your water and waste water related costs.

At Alan Environmental we sell products that are earth conscious, guaranteeing our children a healthy world for generations to come.


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