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AE 675 Pit Ease

Hydrogen Sulfide and Sludge Treatment

Pit Ease uses natural biological activity to significantly reduce hydrogen sulfide and sludge build-up, while improving waste oxidation processes. When used as part of routine maintenance Pit Ease biological treatment improved oxidation, reduction, and reduced odor of decomposing waste matter.

Pit Ease can also be used to digest organic solids, fats, oils, and greases that can be difficult to remove from wastewater systems. This often improves ammonia removal, reduces biological oxygen demand, and reduces sludge in wastewater lagoon systems. This product can be used in a variety of environments including aerobic, facultative, anaerobic and anoxic zones of the wastewater system.

  • accelerates recovery from upsets and shock loads
  • accelerates plant startups
  • significantly reduces odors in and around plant
  • improves solids settling
  • reduces hydrogen sulfide, which causes strong, offensive odors
  • reduces TSS, TPH and BTEX
  • reduces organic dyes in textile plants
  • degrades hydrocarbons, halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated aromatic compounds and chlorinated solvents into CO2 and water
  • expands plant capacity
  • helps establish or improve nitrification efficiency
  • improves cold weather operations
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