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AE 047 Dumpster Deodorizer

Dumpster Deodorizer is a clay-based granular deodorizer that contains a natural odor absorbent, an odor neutralizer, and citronella oil. Citronella oil  helps repel insects that hang around trash and waste receptacles. This product is easy to use, with minimal effort required. Just sprinkle 1-2lbs in an empty receptacle once a week for round the clock odor control. Dumpster Deodorizer activates even more with warm weather, keeping odors away all summer long. Water and rain will not affect Dumpster Deodorizers’ odor-fighting abilities thanks to the clay-based granules. May be used to control odors in dumpsters, compactors, ashtrays, wastebaskets, etc. for up to 7 days.

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