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AE 066 Splash Hogs

Keep Urine in the Urinal with Splash Hogs! 

Splash Hog’s design drastically reduces splash-back with it’s hedgehog-like spine that extends up the back wall of the urinal where guys generally aim. The bristles and honey-comb pattern break up the urine stream and keep the urine in the urinal where it belongs.

  • reduces nasty wet spots that form underneath the urinal that originated from splash-back
  • attached to the urinal with three suction cups, flex point allows the Splash Hog to fit properly in the urinal
  • fragrance will last longer than traditional urinal screens, due to the Splash Hog’s design to extend up out of the water. Fragrance will last up to 60 days, depending on traffic
  • The Splash Hog is embedded with an enzymatic cleaner to keep drains clear from build up

Clean (AE 066 Clean): Blue
Cotton Blossom (AE 066 CB): Clear
Cucumber Melon (AE 066 CM): Green
Tango Mango (AE 066 TM): Orange

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