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AE 286 Kling-Zyme

Kling-Zyme is formulated with a special blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria strains chosen for their ability to digest and liquefy organic waste quickly, efficiently, and without odors. The thick consistency allows Kling-Zyme to push through backed-up water and travel to the blockage so it can remove the clog. Bacteria and enzymes eat away at organic waste matter to loosen it from pipe walls and traps preventing further deposits from building up. This product digests food waste, animal and vegetable fat, oils, undissolved soap residue, and even paper.

When Kling-Zyme is used as part of your regular maintenance program. It colonizes drains with bacteria, inhibiting organic waste from further collecting in pipes.

NSF L2 Authorized

Use On: Carpets, Curtains, Drapes, and Upholstery

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