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AE 065 Caribbean Breeze

Summer Vacation In A Bottle! Caribbean Breeze is a super-concentrated deodorant product that removes organic odors and leaves behind a refreshing tropical fragrance. the long-lasting scent helps control malodors this powerful, long-lasting product is safe and easy to useu use…

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AE 151 Graphite Lubricant

Graphite Lubricant is a dry-film lubricant that penetrates deeply, dries quickly, and sheds moisture to prevent rust and corrosion. This heavy-duty lubricant can endure extreme temperature fluctuations ranging from –100°F up to 800°F. Ideal for use on industrial tools, hardware,…

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AE 199 D.P.I. 101

This non-flammable, penetrating spray gets into those hard to reach places and displaces moisture in wet electrical systems. D.P.I. 101 cleans away corrosion to help restore correct current flow. It also provides a waterproof film that protects parts and prevents…

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AE 259 Urinal Snake Extreme

Cleaner and Deodorizer Urinal Snake Extreme is a specially thickened uratic salt remover for those hard to remove calcium scale and lime deposits in urinal drains. It will also remove the odors that arise from uratic salts accumulating in the…

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AE 317 Sparkle

Leave your glass sparkling! Make your glass sparkle with this industrial strength glass cleaner that powers away greasy smudges, dried-on dirt, water spots, and smoke film. Formulated with a spreading agent which aids in full coverage of glass surfaces and…

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