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AE 203 Dissolve Away Max

Dissolve Away Max is a heavy duty drain opener that contains cuastic granules activated by aluminum needles that release substantially more intense heat and turbulence than any other regular strength drain opener. The heat and movement liquefy, dissolve and remove…

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AE 231 Orange Thunder

Orange Thunder is a powerful drain cleaner that uses the natural cleaning power of d-limonene from orange peel extract to clear clogged drains and condensate lines. The d-limonene leaves behind a fresh orange scent while striking through blocked drains clearing…

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AE 259 Urinal Snake Extreme

Cleaner and Deodorizer Urinal Snake Extreme is a specially thickened uratic salt remover for those hard to remove calcium scale and lime deposits in urinal drains. It will also remove the odors that arise from uratic salts accumulating in the…

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AE 659 Sewer Solvent 99

Sewer Solvent 99 is a granular drain opener that contains powerful heat-generating aluminum chips that release large amounts of heat and turbulence that dissolve blockages allowing sewers and drains to flow freely. When added to water, this extra-strength cleaner works…

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