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AE 001 Rip Wrap

A Portable fix-it shop in your toolbox! Rip Wrap is a non-adhesive adhesive that can repair dirty, wet, oily radiator hoses, garden hoses, leaky water pipes, and electrical splices on the spot. Works by quickly fusing to itself to form…

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AE 1061 Only Once II

Only Once II stops rust in its tracks by instantly bonding to rust, stopping its growth, transforming it into a non-rusting paintable surface, and preventing future rust formation. Existing rust is transformed to a firm, weatherproof, black protective polymeric coating…

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AE 120 No Problem

Penetrant, Demoisturant, Lubricant & Rust Preventative No Problem penetrates deep between rusted surfaces to quickly dissolve away corrosion allowing frozen nuts and bolts to move freely. Dries wet electrical and ignition systems by displacing the moisture. As a lubricant it…

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AE 147 Super Dry

A high-quality lubricant made with reacted-grade silicone to offer superior lubrication on machinery like gears, locks, hinges, and more. Formulated with fast-drying solvents to prevent gumming and seal out moisture. Stops equipment from squeaking, sticking, or binding, by eliminating the…

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