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AE 005 Citra Clean

Industrial Waterless Hand Cleaner with d-Limonene and Pumice Citra Clean combines the natural degreasing ability of d-Limonene with pumice to remove the toughest dirt and grease from hands, even when there’s no water available. d-Limonene removes the toughest grease, while…

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CDW RTU is a chute and dumpster wash that is specially formulated to clean and cut through tough grease and neutralize odors. CDW contains a heavy surfactant that clings to vertical and horizontal surfaces allowing for better dwell time and…

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AE 065 Caribbean Breeze

Summer Vacation In A Bottle! Caribbean Breeze is a super-concentrated deodorant product that removes organic odors and leaves behind a refreshing tropical fragrance. the long-lasting scent helps control malodors this powerful, long-lasting product is safe and easy to useu use…

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AE 195 Convert X

When applied to any rusty surface Convert X will quickly convert the residual rust to a black, protective coating that prevents further rusting or corrosion. The polymeric coating provides maximum rust protection even in harsh conditions where rain, sun, or…

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AE 496 Liquid Sponge

Liquid Sponge is specially formulated to absorb 120 times its weight in just 2 minutes.  This product gels and deodorizes vomit and other liquid accidents.  This super absorbent powder is biodegradable and water soluble.  Clean up is easy; and unwanted…

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