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AE 1004 RP-7

Bring dull rubber and vinyl surfaces back to life with RP-7. This all in one product restores, protects, and provides a water-resistant layer to vinyl and rubber surfaces. RP-7 makes surfaces water-resistant for multiple washes. contains anti-static to resist dirt,…

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AE 1008 Jet Stream Plus

A multi-purpose concentrated detergent and polish, combining washing and waxing into a single formula. Jet Stream Plus cleans caked-on dirt and road grime from vehicles while leaving behind a durable polish coating to provide a high-gloss finish that beads away…

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AE 1206 Premelt

Premelt is a multipurpose product that can be used as a pre-wetting agent, anti-icer, and a deicer. This product has a very low freezing point (-76 F), making it effective to use as a pre-wetter for road salt and other solid…

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AE 1210 Clear View Bulk

Clear View Bulk is an amazing two in one product that cleans and melts ice from windshields. This powerful methanol-based formula quickly melts snow and ice from windshields for improved windshield visibility and safer driving. This product also contains special…

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AE 1215 A Rinse

This industrial strength rinsing compound removes the dulling, corrosive, white-chalky residue left behind by ice melting products. A Rinse works by neutralizing the corrosive film left behind without discoloring or harming the surface: Use to prevent long term damage on…

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AE 1235 Snow Plow Wax

This snow plow coating deposits a thin, hard, slippery layer of silicone that reduces friction on plow blades, shovels and truck beds to provide more efficient plowing. The slippery layer allows snow to slide off treated surfaces easier and faster,…

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