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AE 1215 A Rinse

This industrial strength rinsing compound removes the dulling, corrosive, white-chalky residue left behind by ice melting products. A Rinse works by neutralizing the corrosive film left behind without discoloring or harming the surface: Use to prevent long term damage on…

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AE 431 Casper

Makes Stains Disappear, like Casper! Casper quickly restores stained carpets, upholstery, and laundry when used as a spot and stain remover. Casper tackles the toughest dried-in stains. Casper will even remove soda stains from carpet by breaking down the sugar…

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AE 496 Liquid Sponge

Liquid Sponge is specially formulated to absorb 120 times its weight in just 2 minutes.  This product gels and deodorizes vomit and other liquid accidents.  This super absorbent powder is biodegradable and water soluble.  Clean up is easy; and unwanted…

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